Our Real World Evidence Platform, TT Health Explorers, is the ultimate source of valuable insight for life science companies, payers, healthcare providers, market intelligence companies, academics and government entities. We are able to answer the most important questions you may have regarding epidemiological, clinical and pharmacoeconomic outcomes to help you make critical decision.


Brazilian data are complex and diverse due to the melting pot profile of the Brazilian population from north to south, east to west and inequality across the country. With our TT Health Explorers platform and proprietary technologies, we are turning these complex raw data from numerous data sets into curated data and, with our analytics, generate highly valuable insights and ready to use products for the industry stakeholders.


Our platform helps you make critical decision:


  • A dynamic platform for rapid answers from descriptive analytics to causal conclusions

  • Billions of registries with more than 195 million patients in Public and Private Market

  • Consistent analytics approach applied across hundreds of aggregated different data sources

  • Proprietary technology transforming complex raw data into curated data, applying unique analytics to generate decisive products that explore and release RWE & Health market insights

  • Trusted longitudinal healthcare analytics for disease management through a real-world picture of patient journeys, treatment pathways and health outcomes

  • Predictive modeling to identify high risk patients who will become high cost to improve financial outcome for stakeholders

  • Incidence and prevalence of disease, describing health care resource utilization of patients, mortality and survival at very granular level

  • Value based care insights and decision support analysis from measuring health outcomes against the cost of delivering the outcomes


A simple subscription SaaS model:


Our cloud-based platform is accessible anywhere and at anytime on a simple subscription SaaS model. Our paltform is automatically updated and we generate new products in hours, not weeks. We provide you with precise and actionable insights faster and on a regular basis.

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