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Highly qualified Security Guard Services that respond to calls by car, bike, or foot to ensure no suspicious activities are taking place. You can engage Mobile Patrols to keep an eye on the area. You may call American Global Security Services in Los Angeles, CA if you require security guards. In California, we specialize in providing security guard services. The security guards who work for us are not interested in reacting to a crime after it has occurred; rather, they strive to prevent a crime from occurring in the first place. They have a lot of weapons, including batons and pepper spray, in addition to the usual rifles. Personal security guards can also accompany someone who looks to be in need of protection from potentially dangerous situations. They can also be assigned to locations; they observe the actions taking place there and have the authority to intervene if necessary. Our security guards have also been recruited by a number of retail locations to help prevent theft. With a trained eye, shoplifters can be spotted.

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