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Are you looking for the best security guard services in San Diego? American Global Security welcomes you to contact us today to learn more about our customized security solutions for businesses. When real estate managers employ San Diego security guard companies, they have an image in mind of how their contract security team will look, but far too frequently, what they receive does not match their vision. What we've discovered is that practically all security guard businesses are capable of providing the level of service desired by property managers, but frequently fail to do so due to a lack of continuous quality control measures. Security guard businesses are unique in comparison to other vendors that business management could hire. At any moment after hiring a painter, you can check to see if they did a good job by inspecting the walls. However, when you engage a security guard firm, how often do you get to see whether the guard business is performing their job, which includes doing background checks and drug screens, providing adequate training for the security guards, and monitoring and managing your guards effectively? They probably are in the majority of cases, but it is critical to develop a system of verification and quality control to ensure that problems related to the inability to execute these duties do not begin to occur.

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