TT ONCO Dynamic Study Generator (DSG)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Overall Survival and Hospitalization Rates per Chemo Schema

TT ONCO Dynamic Study Generator (DSG)

Dear colleagues, Techtrials has just launched the only platform capable of dynamically generating the materials needed for RWE studies in Brazil. Our platform delivers: Overall Survival (OS) Study by ICD code, OS by Institution, OS by Chemotherapy Scheme, OS by City, OS by Staging, OS by Time to Treatment, and all of these combinations. Time to Treatment Study by all of the above variables. Studies of average rates and costs of Hospitalization by Institution, Chemotherapy Scheme, ICD, Staging, and combinations. Graphical studies of which Chemo Scheme provides the best OS.

Patient Journey ready for extraction and statistical analysis

Our platform also allows extraction of patient data for specific statistical analysis. As if all these unique features were not enough, our platform still generates dynamic survival analyzes with Kaplan-Meier charts that can be immediately viewed with all the above parameters. In other words, you can analyze the survival curve by changing analysis time window, drug, institution, city, staging, ICD .... Speed ​​up your RWE studies using our unique platform !!!!!!

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