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Techtrials is announcing today that has launched its PHARMA BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEUnit. 

For years the Pharmaceutical Industry has been seeking ways to more deeply understand the needs of patients and caregivers with the aim of offering products and services that add significant benefit and value to the community.

We are releasing a series of products called PHD - Pharma Health Data. PHD is the most comprehensive, in-depth and anonymized Pharma Real World Evidence Series of Tools. 

PHD - Private Market Brazil is the first product released and is a unique BI product on the market that contains detailed information on how millions of patients have been treated for the last years in representative private institutions across the country. Such an innovative tool will allow the Marketing and Business Intelligence / Market Research teams to build forecasts and patient journeys based on Real Market Data.

PHD Series of Tools will beautifully connect and complement our even more impressive RWE Database Tools . Together these products contains unique information on public and private institutions across the country that will enable you to draw conclusions and intelligence for Marketing purposes and also for developing retrospective studies of RWE and / or Health Economics (HEOR) not yet available in our market. In summary the complete database and products count on:

- In-depth clinical and epidemiological data never seen before in Brazil;

- Anonymization according to compliance needs;

- 100% of the data of the Public sector;

- Approximately 75% of Private sector data;

- All therapeutic areas and pathologies;

- Millions of patients and procedures;

- Costs of procedures and treatments;

- Data Crossing available among all variables;

- More than 10 years of retrospective follow-up data;

- Dashboard with customized filters, graphics and data crossings;

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