Real World Evidence - The Largest Database in Brazil

Due to the growing need for Real World Evidence (RWE) data in Pharma companies and although there is a shortage of such information in a structured and parameterized way ready for instant statistical analysis, Techtrials has developed a unique product on the market called " RWE Database Tool ".

This database contains unique information on public and private institutions across the country that will enable you to draw conclusions and intelligence for retrospective studies of RWE and / or Health Economics (HEOR) projects not yet available in our market.

In summary the the complete database count on:

- Anonymization according to compliance needs;

- 100% of the data of the Public sector;

- Approximately 75% of Private sector data;

- All therapeutic areas and pathologies;

- Millions of patients and procedures;

- Costs of procedures and treatments;

- Data Crossing available among all variables;

- More than 10 years of retrospective follow-up data;

- Dashboard with customized filters, graphics and data crossings;

Please contact us to request information or sample sending message to:

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