New RWE Business Intelligence Products

Based on our Largest, Uniquely Enriched and Connected Brazilian Real World Evidence Database, Techtrials Pharma Health Data team created an exclusive array of differentiated products below.

  • Subscriptions of Enriched DataSUS Databases

  • Subscriptions of ANS Enriched Databases

  • Subscriptions of Enriched ONCOLOGY Databases(INCA, FOSP, others)

  • Subscriptions of Medical Devices Databases

  • Subscriptions of Enriched of Hospital Supplies Databases

  • Linkages and Crossings Inter and Intra Databases for Intelligence Extraction

  • Subscriptions of Structured and Enriched Anonimized Hospital EMR Databases(Electronic Medical Records)

  • Subscriptions of EMR Structured and Enriched Databases from Private Medical Clinics (Electronic Medical Records)

  • AdHoc Projects in Business Intelligence

  • Real World Evidence Retrospective Projects (3 to 6 months for delivery)

  • HEOR Accelerated Projects

  • Market Access Projects

  • Signatures of Drug Judiciary Bases

  • Mobile Intelligence System for Sales Force

We will gladly discuss your needs and explain why we have the most powerful set of tools and information to help you reach your business goals.

Please send your inquiries to:

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