Brazil Oncology Hub

The First Oncology Tracker Hub in Brazil

Techtrials launched the Brazil Oncology Hub, the most complete Marketing & Business Intelligence Tool to track the Oncology Market in Brazil.

With this tool you will be able to:

- Map all the Oncology in Brazil;

Oncology Cases in Brazil

- Understand the number of cases per Institution;

- Understand the Overall Survival for each Cancer in each Institution filtered by Staging;

Overall Survival Per ICD10, Institution and Staging

- Understand the Time to Diagnosis and Time to First Treatment in each institution;

- Understand the Chemotherapy used for each Cancer ICD10 code in each Institution;

- Understand the Radiotherapy used for each Cancer ICD10 code in each Institution;

- Understand who are the HCP that are more relevant in each Institution;

HCP per ICD10 per Institution

- Understand the Procedures done for each Cancer type in each Institution;

- Understand the Oncology, both in Public and Private settings;

Oncology Patient Journey

- Understand the Health Care Provider role in the Oncology dynamics;

- Understand the Patient Journey and New Patients per Month in each Institution;

New patients per month per ICD10

If you are interested to know more, please send an email to:

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