Health & Research Project


Researchers will have free access to the most complete and integrated Brazilian public health database.


  1. TT provides access to disease-specific data for a researcher on formal request;

  2. Researcher accesses platform sample to understand data and limitations and decides scope of work;

  3. Researcher signs agreement to follow the rules below:

  4. All generated papers and scientific evidence must contain:

    1. Mention that Techtrials was the provider of the data extraction platform;

    2. Techtrials Team Member as co-author, as they designed the data platform and technology;

  5. Researcher may use the data to propose joint publication sponsored by Pharma or Medical Device Companies, but Techtrials in this case, need to be involved to participate in the project;

  6. For Masters, Doctorates or any other academic work where there is no involvement of Industry, Techtrials should be informed only about the work to be done and the progress, sending email every quarter and when finished, to;

  7. In any of the above cases there will be no cost to the Researcher;

  8. In cases where the work is done in partnership with a Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Industry, Techtrials reserves the right to negotiate values ​​with the Sponsoring Pharmaceutical  or Medical Device Industry;

  9. Access to the platform is individual and exclusive of the Researcher, and it is strictly forbidden to share their access data;

  10. Techtrials reserves the right to deliver platform access on a date to be arranged and as time permits;

  11. Engaging and sending the form below, means that the terms above where accepted.

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