Outsourcing & Clinical Operations

Outsourcing (Contractors)
  • Techtrials has a database of CVs and a network of relationships, with which we can identify the perfect professional for your needs.

  • Contracts are made according to Local Labor Laws. Some important aspects:

    • The hired employee may stay “In house” at the company, at his home-office or at our local office;

    • Quick hiring under the Labor Law conditions, minimizing labor lawsuits;·

    • Employment benefits compatible with those the contracted company offers to the other employees;

    • Hiring and resignation within our company; ·

    • Performance follow-up and substitution of the professional whenever necessary;

    • Ongoing relationship with the client;



Our professionals are carefully selected, taking into account experience and other characteristics that distinguishes a careful and efficient clinical research associate (CRA). Our monitoring processes are efficient and flexible enough to meet the quality standards required for highly controlled Phase I-III trials for the purpose of international registrations (FDA/EMEA) or less controlled Phase IV trials for the purpose of obtaining data for Health Economics or Market Access.


All regulatory steps of a project need to be addressed jointly between the Regulatory department, the Sponsor, and the Clinical Trials Operations in order to guarantee the best strategy for each project. Careful decisions must be made in order to avoid pending issues with IRBs/IECs, CONEP and ANVISA. Our Regulatory team has extensive experience in this area, including having worked on projects of Regulatory Rescue.

List of Projects Developed

Cardiology - 80 projects

Oncology - 118 projects

Oftalmology - 21 projects

Gastric - 8 projects

Endocrinology - 66 projects

Nervous System - 14projects

Rheumatology - 21 projects

Genito Urinary- 3 projects

Other - 96 projects

Urology - 4 projects

Infections/Vaccines - 38 projects

Chromossomal Diseases 

Proctology - 6 projects

Respiratory - 20 projects

Multiple Sclerosis

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